Pushing through setbacks and disappointments

As someone who has been over weight and a smoker for most of my life I am the first to say that I have not always dealt with stress and disappointments in ways that are constructive or particularly helpful.

Over the past several months I have been making great strides in my personal and professional life, things have been going very well.  Although it has not always been easy getting in shape, not smoking and working way too many hours in a week, it has certainly been satisfying to see the results.

This past week I have found myself needing more to push through some recent setbacks and then today I suffered what in my mind right now is a great disappointment.  The good news is that in the past by now I would be sitting in my bed with a cigarette in my hand and perhaps a chocolate shake in the other; tonight I am sitting in my bed but only because it is close to my laundry room and I can type this, watch Shark Week and do laundry at the same time, I have NO cigarette and had a lettuce wrap for dinner.

This past week my physical routine has been right on point, I had some great runs last week and this weekend I went to yoga and put in a total of about eight miles in walking and running.  My setbacks were in food choices; last week and this weekend I definitely did not make the best food choices.  I did not gain any weight because I kept moving still I need to get back on track.

As far as disappointment, and this one nearly knocked me back to some pretty bad habits, I was informed today that I did not get a promotion that I was pursuing (that was hard to type I am feeling a little light-headed at sharing that).  The bright side of this, I still have a great job that I enjoy and I have amazing coworkers and consider myself in great company with these folks :).

Lesson for today – Remember what you have and how far you have come.  Do not look back or give up; keep moving forward.

A nice blouse and a pair of sweatpants

I had a first in my life today.  Maybe it is my age or maybe I am just a tad behind the times, but today I had my first video interview.  Skype like system where we spoke to each other through the computer, like a phone interview only I had to be at least half-dressed and where makeup.

Getting ready for the interview – comb my hair, put on my makeup, a necklace.  Then I had to decide what to wear.  How about a nice blouse and my sweatpants?  I came downstairs to my office to finish preparing; my husband was in the kitchen and told me he was disappointed I did not have on my slippers, I did not have shoes on either, he suggested I would have completed the outfit with the slippers.  The interview went well and thankfully he never asked me to stand for any reason.

On a totally different topic I went to see Mumford and Sons in concert tonight and they were amazing!  It was an outside concert on the waterfront and the weather and the music were lovely.