Where Dreams Come True

Today I ran 6.22 miles, or in Disney Princess Half Marathon terms, I have run from Epcot and made it into Magic Kingdom and around the Castle :)!  This has made my day!

My pace was 13:40 but I ran 6.22 miles!  Six months ago I would have thought this impossible, now it is reality and I made it a month before my first 10K race, so I have time to work on my pace.  To do this five months before my Half makes me feel good, if I keep training at this rate I will finish and have a decent time.

It blows my mind each time I have a breakthrough whether it is pace or distance, I still pinch myself to check that it is real.  Sometimes after a run, I am a little sore and KNOW it is real.  I can remember thinking, I will never make it past a mile, I will never make it to two miles, I will never get faster than a 15:00 minute mile, and on and on the impossible becomes the possible and the possible becomes the real.  The goal is met, the bar is raised, and the excitement grows!

Now off to pack for the next six hours or so, moving in 10-days and I still have three rooms to wrap and pack.  I do have a nice little mini-vacation coming up right after I move, we are going to the beach.  I have never run on the beach!  Should be challenging and fun.

183 days smoke free and 158 more nights sleep before the Disney Princess Half Marathon.

My other passion and a short PSA

My blog is mostly about my journey and has focused primarily on my running, which has become part of my life and something I really enjoy and oh, by the way it is making me healthier.

Tonight I want to share a message about another passion of mine, rescue animals.  This might scare some of you off, some of you might think I am crazy and others may applaud.  Right now in my home I have 8 rescue animals…yes, eight.

Some are cats and some are dogs, but all are part of our family.  They each have their own story and their own personality, some of their personalities clash and others are very close, just like a family.

If you have never rescued an animal or had a pet I highly recommend getting one.  The unconditional love, the companionship and the fun are priceless.  Every day so many animals are abandoned, abused and unloved, rescuing is so important and the returns are innumerable.

Introducing  – Quigley – the lover, Allie – the protector, Blossom – the boss, Charlie – the gentleman, Aurora – the scaredy cat , Lucky Bob – antsy, Tiny Beast – the brat, Batman – the curious cat

Thank you for allowing me to introduce my animal family.

In case you need a run update – I am running in a 5K next weekend, training for a 10K in October and of course the Disney Princess Half in February.

180 days smoke free and 161 more nights sleep before the Disney Princess Half Marathon.

Do not stretch the truth, but definitely stretch your body

Never underestimate the importance of stretching before and after a run; that is the lesson I learned today.  I mentioned yesterday that I had not worked out for a whole week until my run yesterday. When I put in my regular 5-day workout I stretch each time before and after my run or strength workout; not getting to the gym all week I also did not stretch last week.

Saturday before my run I did some stretching and also after, but I definitely fell short and knew it, I was trying to get done early.  Today, I felt it in my hip.  I got 2.25 miles into my run and I was done, I walked out the rest for a total of 3 miles, but was done with my run.

I came home and stretched, especially my hips and then again later today, definitely helped, but the soreness is still there, so resting and cooling tonight.

So, note to self and anyone else out there…when you take up a physical activity at the age of almost 50 after being overweight for a decade, you will get some aches and pains.  Figure out what they are, why they are, figure out how to fix it and Carry On, cautiously.

On a better note, I am getting things packed up for our move, what seemed like an impossible task a couple of weeks ago, is feeling a little more under control.  I have keep and pack, trash, and yard sale piles, in other words I have too much crap and have to purge.  I am not a hoarder or anything, just a keeper of stuff, my kids stuff and old stuff from my family.

Plan for this week, rest day Monday, strength Tuesday, short run for pace Wednesday, same Thursday, rest day Friday, 6-mile Saturday, strength and swimming Sunday.    What is your plan for the week?

176 days smoke free and 165 more nights sleep before the Disney Princess Half Marathon.

Nike, take me away!


What a week!  Not only have I not posted to my blog, but from Saturday to Saturday I did not run or go to the gym.  This week really got away from me, but today, finally, I got to run.  Who needs Calgon when you have a pair of Nike’s and a running path along the river.

It has really been a stressful week and not working out or running has really been bugging me, but the upside of this is that as I was out there today it made me realize I really do love doing it. As each step was taken, as each landmark passed, as the mile markers were behind me, the stress just went away, like it was blowing away in the breeze I was leaving as I ran. (Whoa, that is sort of deep!)

I am not the fastest runner and I spend some of my time walking, but I am out there moving away all of the stress from my week.  I will never go without it for 6 days again, it made me somewhat grumpy this week.

I did not do the six miles I intended to do today, but I did to four miles and the 5k part of those 4-miles was under 40 minutes and the whole run was 50 minutes, so better than last week.  I will be back out there tomorrow morning and back here tomorrow night.

175 days smoke free and 166 more nights sleep before the Disney Princess Half Marathon.


Packing, sweeping, and dusting count as a workout!

Yesterday I took off from running, exercising and blogging; I spent the day doing pretty much nothing.  I was feeling a little guilty but knowing I had to clean and start packing today made me feel less guilty and I am over it.

Today started off nice, I went to Half Priced Books and picked up a lovely planner, which will be my 1,276th attempt to get organized, but at half price who could resist.  Also went to lunch with my daughters and some friends; and when I got home, the cleaning began.

We are moving, hence the feeling I need to be organized and “plan” things, this seems to be the only time I feel the need to find my shit.  And today I found a few cool things! About those in a minute; first a confession that I not only took off from running, etc yesterday I did the same today.  As the title indicates I absolutely believe I did some serious working out  – up and down the steps 100 times, lifting, hauling and toting boxes, taking the trash out and reaching and sweeping and dusting and on and on.  Guess I am still feeling a little guilty about the past two days.

On to the cool stuff I found while cleaning!  First the most awesome item, I found my Mother’s wedding gown, I had it packed away after I brought it home with me during a recent visit to her home (she lives several hours away).  It is a gorgeous gown from 1959, the detail is amazing and the lace is just beautiful and the style is timeless.  Both of my daughters were with me today it was nice looking at the beauty of it and joking that it is so small.   None of us, not even my 105 lb daughter can fit into it, my mother was a tiny woman.  Funny thing is I remember her telling me she was like a size 5, my daughter is a size 2 (and tiny) in today’s sizing; definitely some vanity sizing going on nowadays.

Other cool things I found today – All my BIG clothes that I packed away several months ago.  I was afraid to give them away at first, afraid I would not maintain my weight; today I separated them for two different charities and some ladies at work! Art work from when my girls were in elementary school (they are now in their 20s), pictures from when the kids were little, and two beautiful coats that were my grandmothers, I have them in a bag to take to the dry cleaners, amazing how something from the 60s is so stylish today.

So I have no race times to report or exciting milestones, but I did have an amazing weekend with my family.  We walked down memory lane as we prepare to move to a new home; and for my daughters they are moving on to a new chapter in their lives.  They graduated college in May and both of them start great new careers this month.  I am so proud of them!

Tomorrow back on track, back to the gym to do my short runs and work on my speed.

170 days smoke free and 171 more nights sleep before the Disney Princess Half Marathon.   “Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things.”  – Marcus Tullius Cicero

Fanny Packs and other things that inspire you

Today I did my five-mile run/walk on the river; I did five miles and it took about 70 minutes, about a 14:00 minute mile, considering the air quality was awful and humidity had to be 186% I was happy with it.

Before I finish this inspiring message, I have to tell you about my conversation this morning before my run.  I do not own a belt, pouch, or anything that I can carry my stuff in while I run outside and I have found I do not like putting my keys, etc in my pockets.  This is how I solved that this morning –

Me:  “Hon, are you awake?”

My Husband: (laying in bed, eyes closed) “Yes.”

Me: “Do we still have a fanny pack lying around (I am talking 1990s fanny packs here) anywhere?”

My Husband: “How many do you need?”

Me: (thinking we have more than one!? I am ashamed) “Just the one.”

My Husband: “Does April need one?” (April is our 22-year-old daughter)

Me: “April probably does not even know what one is and if she does, she may not come with me if she knows I plan on wearing one, so no, she does not need one.”

My Husband: “Go downstairs and finish getting ready I will find one and bring it to you.  What color?”

Me:  Exiting room hanging and shaking my head.

*As of this afternoon I own a new belt, slim with a small pouch.

I had my daughter with me for the first time and that was exciting and motivational!  She has agreed to run the Princess Half with me so we are going to start training together.  Oh, a brief side note, I do not look anything like the woman running  in the photo, but I love the saying, to see what I look like running see my post from August 21st :).

In my last post I gave a lot of information about where I am in my running and how far I have come and how my training is progressing.  Today I want to talk about how awesome I feel about what I am doing!

When I started working at getting healthy I took on a personal trainer for about four weeks, the thing I dreaded most was ANY cardio.  Give me some weights I am fine, abs go for it, stretching yes!  But get on the treadmill, the bike, the elliptical??  Ugh!

In May I signed up to do a charity walk with my daughter on June 2nd.  I thought it was a 5K; turns out it was one mile but I walked 5K because I could.  While doing light training in May to walk this 5K I realized how much I was enjoying myself, feeling motivated by this goal I set for myself; and by the end of the 5K walk that day, I was hooked!  I immediately found a 5K in our city for the end of June and started training to do it as a run/walk.  Got that one under my belt and here I am training for my 3rd timed 5K in September, a 10K in October and a Half in February 2013.

How did I get here!?  It just seems so crazy!  On Thursday at the gym I had the treadmill up to 6-miles-per hour at one point and kept that pace for a bit, in May if someone would have told me I would do that I would not have believed them.  Today at the river I realized I had run my first .75 straight, all running, no walking!  Heck if someone would have told me that two weeks ago I would not have believed it.

I could give you another dozen or so of these revelations, but I am sure you get the point.  Any time the voice in your head says that you cannot do something, call it out as a liar, you got this, no reason to doubt it!

So this week my runs will consist of more short runs to gain speed and longer runs (adding a mile to get to six next Saturday) to gain stamina, by the time my Half gets here I will be running the whole thing, with one pit stop to take a picture with Sleeping Beauty in Magic Kingdom.

Couple of other things.  I purchased a Nike+ GPS watch today, so far I loved setting it up and I am taking out on my run tomorrow, I cannot wait!  Also, I broke up with my scale I feel amazing and I am doing good things for my body with activity and food, I will NOT let the scale talk to the liar in my head.

172 days smoke free and 173 more nights sleep before the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  “More powerful than the will to win is the courage to begin.”   -Unknown Author