A bad run is still better than…

bad run

On Tuesday I started my training for a half marathon I am running in September.  Today was my second training run and it was not a good run.

I had to go into work early for a meeting so I ran about an hour earlier than I normally would run and I did not go to sleep an hour earlier, bad idea.  I had 30 minutes planned and I got my 30 minutes in; so I accomplished my training goal.  The fact that I did not feel great afterwards and that my pace was off was a bummer, but I am glad I did it.

Got me thinking that – A bad run is still better than –

  • No run at all
  • A bad movie
  • A meeting
  • Sitting on the couch
  • Being bored
  • Most morning television offerings
  • The regret you will feel later if you do not run

And I am sure we could come up with plenty more things.  I have a chance to forget about this run on Saturday, my next run, which will be kick ass!

All I know is this.  I have never regretted going for a run, but I have, on more than one occasion, regretted NOT running.  So, lace up, tape up, suck it up, open the door, get outside, and RUN!

just run