The 10K that almost wasn’t

I had a 10K race this morning; a race that almost did not happen, for me anyway.  I had a million excuses running through my head.  My race partner (my daughter) has the flu, my back has been hurting for about a week, in the past two weeks I have only run four times and one of those was a race I did two weeks ago.  These are just a few of the things I was trying to use as excuses.

The excuses did not win and I did finish the race.  Here is what got me out there today.

At 5:45 am my alarm started buzzing; I hit the snooze alarm and laid there running all of the excuses through my head.  I thought to myself, “well I am just going to get up and at least start the coffee”.  I got up, turned on the coffee maker and put on a pot of water for my oatmeal; I knew at that point I was at least considering the race.

As I was getting out my mug and bowl, etc and waiting for the water I looked up and on top of the fridge I saw my Runner Box (you can Google that later if you do not know what it is).  I reached up and took it down to see what was left inside.  I pulled out a few things and gathered some paperwork still in there to throw it away when I noticed writing on the lid and on the lid was a quote – “The task ahead of you is never greater than the strength within you.”


And there it was; my decision.  How could I not run now?  My inner strength and desire to run was much stronger than any excuse I could put in front of myself.  I ate my oatmeal, had my half a cup of coffee, drank some water and took my vitamin.  Geared up; you know when you tie your shoelaces that is THE moment it all starts to feel absolutely right. And off I went to my race.

It was a good race and afterwards I rewarded myself with an awesome meal –


Tomorrow I will share some of my race “moments”; funny what the mind thinks about when you are running.

And to end I would like to say that today is the 1-year + 1-week anniversary of my last cigarette!

Ease on down the road

One more run down towards my half marathon goal.  Today I ran my 2nd officially timed 5K race.  I ran the race at the same place where I ran my first one.  This course is at a local park with many hills, it is so easy to forget how hard it is to run uphill. I beat my first time!

When I did the 5K at the end of June I ran the course in 43:38, today I had an official chip time of 42:22!  Shaved over a minute off my time, and my daughter was there at the finish line to cheer me on, it was an awesome feeling!  I placed 10th in my age group, 44-49 and 290 overall out of a field of 700.  I am not exactly an Olympic athlete BUT considering I just took up running a few months ago at the age of 48, I am very happy.

Already signed up for the next one, on a much flatter route, it is a few weeks away, hoping to do a little better than this one.  Each incremental improvement, no matter how small, makes me feel amazing.  I have a friend who participated in her first Half Iron Man today; she was nervous, a little scared and uncertain how she would do. When someone suggested perhaps she should wait and do one at a later date this is what she said – “It is ok for me to not finish, it is not ok for me to not start.”  I thought that was a pretty strong statement about overcoming fear and doubt and allowing yourself the courage to move forward.

169 days smoke free, 42 pounds down and 180 more nights sleep before the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  “It’s the job that is never started that takes the longest to finish.” – J. R. R. TOLKIEN

Make of it what you will

This is the power you have, this is the power we all have.  When you wake each morning you decide the course of your day.  I found this expression “Make Today Ridiculously Amazing” several months ago and I absolutely love it.

Since my journey began in January 2012 I have had ridiculously amazing days and I have had days that were hard and depressing.  I have spent some weeks where I gained and lost the same pounds over and over again, I have had weeks where I did not go to the gym at all and days where I have spent time thinking about things that I should have done or that should have happened.

In my journey I am striving to make more and more days Ridiculously Amazing by realizing that I am the one who has that control.  Nothing outside of me can influence how I perceive my day;  events and people and situations will certainly impact my day and the things I do in it, however I am the only one who decides what I do with those events.

Today I choose to have an amazing day!

Today I have finally broken through the 40 pound mark and to date I have lost 41 pounds…woo!  And today I am 160 days smoke free!

“Happiness depends upon ourselves.” – Aristotle