Reblogging this today in honor of International Women’s Day.

From Here to Me

I truly believe this quote.  After finding myself almost ranting about women being oppressed at least twice in the past week, I feel the need to put this out here.  I am not a militant feminist or anything, I do not think any woman needs to be, we carry all of the power without so much as a raised hand or a voice above a whisper.

One of the things that made me think of this are the Ecards I often see on social networking sites like Facebook.  The cards with a picture of a women and it says something like – I am strong, I speak my mind, I am intelligent, etc “if that makes me a bitch so what”.  I often times find myself thinking, why does that make you a bitch?  Maybe you are just a bitch, because I am all of those things and I am not a…

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