My other passion and a short PSA

My blog is mostly about my journey and has focused primarily on my running, which has become part of my life and something I really enjoy and oh, by the way it is making me healthier.

Tonight I want to share a message about another passion of mine, rescue animals.  This might scare some of you off, some of you might think I am crazy and others may applaud.  Right now in my home I have 8 rescue animals…yes, eight.

Some are cats and some are dogs, but all are part of our family.  They each have their own story and their own personality, some of their personalities clash and others are very close, just like a family.

If you have never rescued an animal or had a pet I highly recommend getting one.  The unconditional love, the companionship and the fun are priceless.  Every day so many animals are abandoned, abused and unloved, rescuing is so important and the returns are innumerable.

Introducing  – Quigley – the lover, Allie – the protector, Blossom – the boss, Charlie – the gentleman, Aurora – the scaredy cat , Lucky Bob – antsy, Tiny Beast – the brat, Batman – the curious cat

Thank you for allowing me to introduce my animal family.

In case you need a run update – I am running in a 5K next weekend, training for a 10K in October and of course the Disney Princess Half in February.

180 days smoke free and 161 more nights sleep before the Disney Princess Half Marathon.

3 thoughts on “My other passion and a short PSA

  1. I love animals and I have 3 adopted cats from rescues myself. They are definitely part of our family. A few weeks ago, we rescued a cute kitty who was hanging outside out backyard for weeks. She either was lost or abandoned. We finally decided to catch her and take her to a safe adoption rescue where she will be cared for until she finds her ‘furever’ home. We found our last cat at this rescue centre. We’ve thought about taking her in as well, but I’m afraid having 4 would be a lot for us to handle. Good luck with your races. Congrats on the 180!!

  2. Training for a 10k!? Wow, that’s amazing. I can’t even start to think about that just yet. I love that you rescue animals, good for you! I see a lot of dogs especially that always need a good home cause they’ve been forgotten or left behind, sadly.

  3. It sometimes seem so crazy to me Casie that I am training for a 10K and a half marathon in February. Could not have even imagined it less than a year ago. It is sad to see animals in need of rescue, given a good home they give unconditional love :).

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