Nike, take me away!


What a week!  Not only have I not posted to my blog, but from Saturday to Saturday I did not run or go to the gym.  This week really got away from me, but today, finally, I got to run.  Who needs Calgon when you have a pair of Nike’s and a running path along the river.

It has really been a stressful week and not working out or running has really been bugging me, but the upside of this is that as I was out there today it made me realize I really do love doing it. As each step was taken, as each landmark passed, as the mile markers were behind me, the stress just went away, like it was blowing away in the breeze I was leaving as I ran. (Whoa, that is sort of deep!)

I am not the fastest runner and I spend some of my time walking, but I am out there moving away all of the stress from my week.  I will never go without it for 6 days again, it made me somewhat grumpy this week.

I did not do the six miles I intended to do today, but I did to four miles and the 5k part of those 4-miles was under 40 minutes and the whole run was 50 minutes, so better than last week.  I will be back out there tomorrow morning and back here tomorrow night.

175 days smoke free and 166 more nights sleep before the Disney Princess Half Marathon.


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