A Really Long Detour


So apparently blogging over the past almost six months was not be part of my journey from here to me.  I have missed it and have thought about it often; but training and chatting and working and life kept moving this down my list, but I really need it back in my life.

Quick catch up –

– I ran and finished the Disney Princess Half Marathon!

– I still have not had a cigarette – March 18th will be one year

– I am still running, well now that the monster blisters from the Half have healed

– I have a 5K race scheduled for next Saturday and several more after that, with my next Half being in either May or June.

– I have met a lot of amazing women along this journey

– My daughter ran with me and that was probably the most exciting thing about the PHM

Now that I have the first of my restarted blog posts up, I am going to commit to no less than five a week.  Not sure who might still be reading or if anyone is interested, but it will certainly help me.

A few lessons learned along the way (way more than a few were learned, just sharing a few for now) –

– NEVER get a full pedicure a few days before a race.  Yep, learned that lesson the hard way

– Allow yourself room to not succeed the first time, unless the zombie apocalypse is upon us, tomorrow is another day.

– Meet new people in this “solo” sport of running.  I really enjoy my time with just me and the road, but the people I have met along the way have really kept me going.  Some mornings these folks were the only reason I laced up to run.

I am going to continue this blog, I am not sure where my days will take me, so I will add the disclaimer that I included in my first entry…”Does a blog really have to be one thing?  Does it always have to be funny or serious or witty or intellectual?  I do not think so, I do not think that any of us are any of those things ALL of the time. So why would a blog be just one thing all the time?”

If anyone is still out there, thanks for reading.




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