So many races, so little money


I had so many friends racing this weekend, several of them running their first marathon.  It was awesome to watch the results come in and see their pictures!  It was so exciting I have signed up for three races that will take place over the next two months, this does not include the two I am already registered in 2014.

My husband and I were invited to a wedding this past weekend that was several hours away, because we are planning and paying for our own daughters wedding, and because of my husbands recent health issues we decided to forgo the cost of attending the wedding and just send a gift.  Three race fees later, I am thinking it would have been cheaper to go to the wedding.

It is no wonder so much of our country struggles with weight and health issues, the cost of healthy is expensive.  I pay for boot camp, I pay for race fees, I have running “gear” including shoes, and I like to buy fresh and organic.  I told myself when I quite smoking I would save money, not so much, not only is this lifestyle just as expensive, but now I am going to live longer and need to have more money :).

OK, those are all of my random thoughts for the day.  I am better than halfway through my workout and blogging challenge and still going strong.  Today was a short run, boot camp tomorrow, and so on for the rest of the week.  Next weekend I am doing a 1/4 Marathon, the following weekend a 15K, all leading up to another half in December.  Hope no one wants any fancy Christmas presents this year.

Until tomorrow…



The Laundry Still Needs to Get Done


Day-6, the day reality set in on my adventurous quest to a better me.  I love the idea of getting in shape, the idea of being more committed, I really wish I could do it outside the confines of real life.  I did not think much about the everyday things like doing the dishes, sweeping the floors, and scooping the cat litter, but today was the day I had to really think about chores.  Yesterday was all about me in the morning and errands and grocery shopping in the afternoon, but today, housecleaning!

Got my 7-mile run in this morning, came home and my wonderful husband had made a delicious breakfast for me, I enjoyed that with a cup of coffee.  Started thinking, “What’s next?”, then…oh yeah, that would be laundry, cleaning the bathroom, more laundry, cleaning the floors, and so on and so on.

I know, I am just whining, this is stuff we all do, and those with greater commitment and energy than me do all of this and raise kids, and probably clean their house EVERY day.

Back to my run since that was the highlight of my day.  After five straight days of boot camp, running, and yoga, I was pretty happy with 7-miles today.  Certainly not my longest run but it is what was required for my 15K training; and it was a good run.  My pace was on point and I felt good after the run.  If I could have changed one thing, It would have been less humid, middle of October I should not be sweating before I start.

Day-7 more boot camp and hopefully a more exciting, or at least interesting post.

Until tomorrow…


The hardest part so far

I am on DAY-4 of my 21-day quest to blog, exercise, and eat right every day.  The hardest part so far, blogging every day.  I am not as verbose, or probably should say I am not as interesting, as I thought I was going to be.

That being said, I can still tell you about my day and that so far, so good.  I did about 15-minutes of yoga this morning at home, I am eating more fruits and veges, and good cards, etc to stay full and healthy, and I am here to blog.  I am happy to say my commitment is still intact.  This is beginning to feel a lot like my first Half Marathon, like “am I done yet?”, no, you are only a third of the way through.  I am hoping this will continue to feel like that experience because when I was towards the end of the half it was easier than the beginning.

Oh.  About the yoga.  I had purchased a Yoga and Sculpting DVD months ago at a book store because it was on sale for $2.99, that is what I used this morning.  Yoga AND sculpting, is hard, so tonight I went back to that same store and purchased a “Yoga for Beginners” for $5, I am sure it will be worth the extra money.

Tomorrow morning, 8am, 4th session of boot camp, again with The Vince.  I am excited, I am nervous, and I am sore just thinking about it.

Until tomorrow…

And so it begins…


Officially started my training today for my next half; I am running the Rock n Roll Half in Philadelphia in September and I am pretty excited to be going back home to run a race.  I have promises from friends in the area to be my Wine Girls, waiting for me at the finish line with a bottle, some glasses, cheers, and smiles.

I am doing an official Half training program with a goal of finishing upright.  I have no spectacular goals for this half except to do better than my last half.  Considering that half was at Disney World with a lot of distractions, this should not be too difficult.

I will train, running three times per week and two days of some sort of strength and/or cross training.  I may add a sixth day if I am not improving in either strength or pace; I want to start off with something I know I will do and add to it if needed.  For me that is better than over committing and falling short of my goal.

I have to tell you I am pretty excited about this next half; I will be home and have familiar folks around to support me, it will be a true race for me as I will be trying to do better than my first time, and it will be a challenge.  Disney was certainly a challenge and an accomplishment, but with all of the distractions I did not have a great finish time.

My first training run was this morning and although it was not spectacular; the first one is the hardest and it is done. 🙂  I am looking forward to an eventful local race season and some good training runs this summer!  I could have never imagined saying those words a year ago.

How far will you go?


run far2

I have been thinking for the past day about how far I am willing to go with my running.  This past weekend two women that I know participated in long distance events; one in an Ironman and the other in her first marathon.  I can tell you now that an Ironman will not happen for me; the swimming part of it completely freaks me out; not that I cannot swim, just that swimming for anything more than leisure seems too stressful.

The marathon on the other hand, this has crossed my mind as a possibility more than once.  Am I anywhere near ready for it?  No.  Could I be at some time in the future?  Sure.

So far I have only completed one half marathon and several shorter races; my longest training run, only 12 miles.  None of this physically prepares me for a marathon; running and training have however mentally given the courage to consider it.

I did have one first this weekend.  I ran in the rain.  The weather in our area called for rain all weekend, so after waiting a few hours on Saturday morning for it to stop I decided just to go for it.  It was a good run, I actually did not mind at all that it was raining; I do have to figure out how to use my MP3 player in the rain mine did not hold up well and I put it away about a half mile into my run.  Might not seem like a big deal running in the rain, but to me it was the first time I was so itching to run that nothing else mattered; and my next run is all I have thought about since, that will be tomorrow AM.

Do you push through your limitations?  Whether your limitations are physical or mental; what do you do to keep going? I think of it this way – If I am suffering that is certainly not the time to stop, it is the time to push, and on the other side of that push is victory, comfort, and satisfaction :).

And lastly, a lot of what I have accomplished is because of my support system, the two women I mentioned at the beginning of this writing are both part of that system, both of these women along with others I know have shared both their victories and their setbacks which are equally effective in inspiring me to keep going.




Will Run for Tattoos


Well, I will not run for tattoos, I have a horrific fear of needles; just listening to my daughter get this tattoo gave me chills.

Completing this half marathon is a big deal for me, my daughter, and many women I have met along the way; I think we all want to reward ourselves in some way.  For my daughter her reward was this tattoo.   It is really cute and I gave serious consideration to getting one of my own, but chickened out because of above mentioned fear.  I did buy myself a nice purse though; I think it is as cute as her tattoo.

I am really excited about my upcoming races.  I signed up for a race series that starts this Saturday with a 5K, then in two weeks a 10K, and then finally April 6th a 10-miler.  Should challenge me and will also be great training for a half I have planned for June.

Also in June; the anniversary of my very first 5k.  Last June I ran my very first 5k race for a local charity, my time for that run was 43:43, I am looking forward to see how much I improve my time one year later.  For me it will be the most important race of this year, maybe THAT will warrant a tattoo…probably not.

Someone asked me the other day, “Why do you run?”.  I run because I can, really that is why I do it.  A year ago I could not, now I can so I want to keep doing it.  Lots of people inspire me and lots of things give me reason to run, but the short answer is truly, because I can.  And a nice new purse does not hurt :).

Why do you run?


A Really Long Detour


So apparently blogging over the past almost six months was not be part of my journey from here to me.  I have missed it and have thought about it often; but training and chatting and working and life kept moving this down my list, but I really need it back in my life.

Quick catch up –

– I ran and finished the Disney Princess Half Marathon!

– I still have not had a cigarette – March 18th will be one year

– I am still running, well now that the monster blisters from the Half have healed

– I have a 5K race scheduled for next Saturday and several more after that, with my next Half being in either May or June.

– I have met a lot of amazing women along this journey

– My daughter ran with me and that was probably the most exciting thing about the PHM

Now that I have the first of my restarted blog posts up, I am going to commit to no less than five a week.  Not sure who might still be reading or if anyone is interested, but it will certainly help me.

A few lessons learned along the way (way more than a few were learned, just sharing a few for now) –

– NEVER get a full pedicure a few days before a race.  Yep, learned that lesson the hard way

– Allow yourself room to not succeed the first time, unless the zombie apocalypse is upon us, tomorrow is another day.

– Meet new people in this “solo” sport of running.  I really enjoy my time with just me and the road, but the people I have met along the way have really kept me going.  Some mornings these folks were the only reason I laced up to run.

I am going to continue this blog, I am not sure where my days will take me, so I will add the disclaimer that I included in my first entry…”Does a blog really have to be one thing?  Does it always have to be funny or serious or witty or intellectual?  I do not think so, I do not think that any of us are any of those things ALL of the time. So why would a blog be just one thing all the time?”

If anyone is still out there, thanks for reading.