My Race Moments


I had a race this weekend and as I explained in yesterday’s entry I almost let my excuses talk me out of it.  Today I want to share some things that popped in my head, and not just yesterday but on other race days.  It is funny what you think when you are racing, or when you are prepping to race.  So, here are a few of my race day “moments”.

That Moment When…

  • The alarm goes off at 5:45 am…on your day off
  • You lay there for a second thinking, “I really could just go back to sleep”.
  • You get up telling yourself maybe; when you know that now that you are up, it is definitely a yes.
  • You are tying your shoes and you get all excited!
  • You are at the start line, waiting for the race to start and everything around you disappears.
  • You are 1-mile into the race and you wonder “why the hell am I doing this?”
  • You reach the half way mark and you KNOW why you are doing it.
  • You are still a mile and a half from the finish line and the elite runners have already finished and are going by you running the course backwards.
  • You cross the finish line and you think, “When is my next race?”

That pretty much sums up the thoughts from my doubt to a successful finish and why I love races.  It is a challenge; a challenge to overcome my own demons, my own voices telling me why I cannot do it.

What are your race or running “moments”?  Why do you run?

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