The Fitness Track is Rickety and my Train Keeps Derailing


In spite of successfully motivating myself to run the 10K this weekend, I am feeling like I cannot get back on track with the training I was doing before my half marathon.

The two races I have run since the Princess Half have both produced slower finish times than races of the same length that I ran last fall; when I was newer to this running thing than I am now.  That has to do with the fact that I have not been training well or eating right.  So, I have decided to affirm here today that I will clean up the wreckage from the derailment and get back on track!

I promised myself a year ago that I would go into 50 Fit and Fabulous; I am now in the one year countdown to that number so I cannot lose that dream now :).

Getting motivated to get started and dieting seem to be my biggest challenges.  I have dietary restrictions due to allergies so I tend to eat healthier foods, but my intake lately has been too high.

As far as motivation to get started, I am not sure why it is a problem.  Running has never let me down for what it can do for me mentally and physically, not sure why I do not jump up to do it every chance I get.  Every race I have participated in has left me feeling better than when I started.   Yet some mornings I just cannot get myself to go out there to train.

So today I say this as my affirmation of my ability and desire –

“I set goals and follow them. I set my sights, take the appropriate actions and achieve my goals.”

That felt good!  To confess and to affirm; thank you for reading!

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