Do or Do Not…..

no fail

I have this sign hanging near my back door, I have had this sign hanging somewhere in my house for the past several years.  I look at it often and sometimes it really stops me in my tracks and makes me ponder the question.  What would I do if I knew I could not fail?

To me I have to keep it real, I mean if I had magic powers and could not fail; I would end world hunger, make sure every  living creature had a comfortable place to live and that every being cared for one another equally and without prejudice.  These are the things that I really want to happen, but these are things that we must all work on together, not just me and my magic powers.

So, back to the “What would I do…” in the context of a satisfying accomplishment for myself; if I had full knowledge that I could not fail.

I know exactly what I would do…


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