All is fair in Love and Running


Most everyone I know that runs will tell you that this is how you feel on some runs.  I love Running, I Hate Running; I think the thought comes at different times for different runners, but I think it always comes.

During the month of May I have run more days than any other month since I have been running, this includes the months that I was training for the Princess Half.  I think because I am really shooting to increase speed and endurance for my next half I am training harder.

Last Saturday was my first run in my training over three miles and it was the first time I had run more than three miles since my last 10K in March.  It was only 4 miles, being the first time over three miles I psyched myself into thinking it would be a challenge.

Well it turns out that just as before, once I break through the first two to three miles of my run, I actually enjoy my run better.  For the first three miles I was alternating between hating running and distracting myself into a rhythm and loving running.  Close to the end of my run, around 3.5 miles, I was loving my run, I think because I was loving the fact that I pushed through the doubt in my ability to “go the distance”.

I am in my third week of training and tomorrow will be my next four mile run, next week it starts to go up from four to five and so on, up to fourteen.

nelson man

Each week, I will wonder if I can go farther, if I can go faster, I will find rhythm with my silent “I love running, I hate running” chant; I will push through and have a successful run!

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