Today, I need beauty in my life

I have not blogged about working out or eating in at least a few days.  Still on track in case anyone is wondering :).  I have found myself stumbling on beautiful things on the web and I just cannot help but share them.

Today, in particular I needed a little human kindness and beauty in my life, I found it in this video, so I am sharing it with all of you.

A nice blouse and a pair of sweatpants

I had a first in my life today.  Maybe it is my age or maybe I am just a tad behind the times, but today I had my first video interview.  Skype like system where we spoke to each other through the computer, like a phone interview only I had to be at least half-dressed and where makeup.

Getting ready for the interview – comb my hair, put on my makeup, a necklace.  Then I had to decide what to wear.  How about a nice blouse and my sweatpants?  I came downstairs to my office to finish preparing; my husband was in the kitchen and told me he was disappointed I did not have on my slippers, I did not have shoes on either, he suggested I would have completed the outfit with the slippers.  The interview went well and thankfully he never asked me to stand for any reason.

On a totally different topic I went to see Mumford and Sons in concert tonight and they were amazing!  It was an outside concert on the waterfront and the weather and the music were lovely.