Today, I need beauty in my life

I have not blogged about working out or eating in at least a few days.  Still on track in case anyone is wondering :).  I have found myself stumbling on beautiful things on the web and I just cannot help but share them.

Today, in particular I needed a little human kindness and beauty in my life, I found it in this video, so I am sharing it with all of you.

I am Iron Man!

I am not Iron Man as the title of my post implies, nor do I have an Ironman Tri on my bucket list.  I did however go watch the running portion of the Ironman in our city today and it was inspiring.  As most of you know an Ironman consists of a swim, a bike, and a marathon length run.  The run portion of our city’s Ironman goes through the streets of the city two blocks from my house and I decided to walk down and humbly support the participants.

The location I chose to view the race was right before the 12 mile marker for the run.  To watch these amazing athletes was nothing short of breathtaking!  I have only participated in a 5K I cannot pretend to know how they felt at that point but I can tell you I found myself cheering and shouting words of encouragement.

These athletes are truly admirable and I am so glad I got to see their faces as they worked towards that finish line goal, although at that point what they have accomplished is astounding with or without a finish line.  Next year I am volunteering I want to be around that energy all day not just for the 60 minutes or so that I watched.  I also want to be at the finish line and meet every one of them, get their stories.  OK that last part sounds a bit stalkerish; I promise I will not follow anyone home.

170 days smoke free, 42 pounds down and 179 more nights sleep before the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” – Beverly Sills

Make of it what you will

This is the power you have, this is the power we all have.  When you wake each morning you decide the course of your day.  I found this expression “Make Today Ridiculously Amazing” several months ago and I absolutely love it.

Since my journey began in January 2012 I have had ridiculously amazing days and I have had days that were hard and depressing.  I have spent some weeks where I gained and lost the same pounds over and over again, I have had weeks where I did not go to the gym at all and days where I have spent time thinking about things that I should have done or that should have happened.

In my journey I am striving to make more and more days Ridiculously Amazing by realizing that I am the one who has that control.  Nothing outside of me can influence how I perceive my day;  events and people and situations will certainly impact my day and the things I do in it, however I am the only one who decides what I do with those events.

Today I choose to have an amazing day!

Today I have finally broken through the 40 pound mark and to date I have lost 41 pounds…woo!  And today I am 160 days smoke free!

“Happiness depends upon ourselves.” – Aristotle