Leave the gun, take the cannoli

Ugh!  I am really getting frustrated with myself and my current eating habits.  I have lost just over 42 pounds since January and I am very happy with that.  My workout routines have gotten more frequent and intense lately and I think less about smoking every day.  But eating lately is making me crazy!

I know I have to get it in check, the time I know that the most is the time that a cookie is passing my lips.  I found out in January that I have Celiac disease, I cannot have gluten, which is pretty much in anything not grown in the ground or extracted from an animal.  With this discovery I changed my eating habits and felt like a different person, all in a very good way.

First starting out eating Gluten Free I stuck primarily to naturally GF food and ate a lot of fruits, vegetable, meats, dairy, that is a big part of why I started to lose weight and start exercising and a good part of the reason I am feeling so much healthier today.  Then I discovered that you can buy GF cake and waffles and cookies and I thought “oh, I have to try these”.  Any Gluten Free bread I have found to this point is not very good so that is easy to avoid, but GF cupcakes, they are yummy!

Until recently I have been able to keep these in my diet in moderation and with the increased physical activity it has not been an issue, I could “Have my cake and eat it too” but the past couple of weeks  no matter how much positive self talk I try I am definitely overeating!  Not to the point that I have gained weight but to the point that if I do not get it in check I will start to gain.

Whew!  I had to get that out there and want to thank anyone who hung in for the duration.  Any advice is certainly welcome, anyone who has gotten past this phase in your diet and successfully gotten back on track, I would certainly welcome your comments and feedback.  I am not worried about gaining all my weight back, my biggest concern is staying healthy and active.  I have truly fallen in love with running I will not give it up; that will keep me going but today, right now I would definitely leave the gun and take the cannoli and then go home and eat that cannoli with a nice glass of milk.

173 days smoke free, 42 pounds down and 176 more nights sleep before the Disney Princess Half Marathon.

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