A walk down memory lane…no regrets just great memories

This has become my new favorite running song.  I am not really sure what the composer/writer’s original meaning for the song is but what it does for me is stir memories and the beat gets me moving.

I have had some good times in my life and most of my younger days were spent with “no money but lots of heart” (a line from the song).  We grow into adulthood idealistic, enjoying ourselves and those around us focused less on material things and more on experiences.  Each day on this journey I find myself feeling more and more like I am headed back to this same place.  Not sure I can party, go to work and stay up for 24 hours straight, but I can certainly remember how to appreciate my experiences more than my stuff.

On to this past weeks experiences.  I had a great week with my diet, definitely got back to eating better and as a result pushed through my 40th pound of weight loss (go back and read that again and smile).  I was not as disciplined with my activity this week.

We had family come to town and if you read my blog this past week you know I had to spend at least one night cleaning. The family coming to town was a real distraction but also a bit of an excuse, I could have found a way to get to the gym I just did not.  I did do a lot of cleaning and while they were here we did quite a bit of walking and I feel good that although I was not officially working out I was out and about and moving.

Our family left this morning, I had a little breakfast and hit the road!  I picked a new place to run this morning we have a park nearby that has a path that is 1.55 miles long I chose it since I still do not have a pedometer, GPS watch or other measuring device and I wanted to time my run.  I do have a digital watch and used this to time it.

I am doing another 5K this weekend and I want to beat my time from my first one, the time for my first one was 43:38 and I was proud of that.  Today I did the 5K at the park in 42:12 which is a 13:35 minute mile and I am happy with that.  This week coming I am going to try to keep my runs to two miles and continue to work on speed and I hope Saturday will be better than 43:38.

As I walk down memory lane I am looking ahead to the Disney Princess Half Marathon 2/24/13.

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