Laugh, and the world laughs with you

Music and humor, I am not sure I would survive getting fit without these two things.  Music feeds my energy and humor, well hell I do not think I could do anything without a little humor.

Picture this..I am running, doing what used to be my morning routine which was a brisk walk or run in the neighborhood carrying 1-2 pound hand weights.  One morning during this refreshing run I was moving along nicely when a small bug flew in my eye.  When a bug flies into or near your eye what is your reaction?  That is right you swat at it, but usually when you swat you are not carrying hand weights like I was that fine spring morning.  The bug flew at me I swatted and had a shiner for a week.

This incident happened about 15 years ago and yet it still acts as a funny story and a stark reminder that I am sure my resemblance to the bottom picture above is far more likely than the top one :).  I do not care though I have to be able to laugh at myself and all of the lighter things in life.  No matter how I look when I run as long as I am doing it and working towards my goals that is all that matters.

After more than a decade away from keeping fit it feels amazing to be moving again.  Five more days until my next 5K and I am so excited!

If you stay with me, in a week or two I will share the roller blade incident; a little more harrowing than the bug but nonetheless pretty funny.

3 thoughts on “Laugh, and the world laughs with you

  1. Found your site as a related article on Serendipity and decided to drop by for a visit. Humor, where would we be without humorous moments? Sad, dull, monotone, droopy, ill. . .none of which one could claim as any kind of pleasantry. Your story is absolutely hilarious! C’est le vie. . .cherish the moment and your ability to laugh at yourself! As I age ‘gracefully’ (ahem!), I find my moments are not any where near as graceful as I would like. So, what do I do? Laugh at myself because everyone else is laughing during my moment of ‘senior grace’!

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