Slutty Brownies and flavored vodka

Sometimes you just have to take the night off, last night was one of those nights.  Both of my adult (I clarify this because this post involves drinking) daughters were home visiting last night and they convinced me that we needed to get drunk and bake.

I need to describe to you what we baked, it is called a Slutty Brownie and it is why our activities for this upcoming evening will involve running before dinner.

I did not eat one of these brownies, I cannot have gluten, but just the look and smell of them was enough to make me kind of want to chance getting sick (I did not).  Here is what is in these  Slutty brownies –

Chocolate Chip cookie mix – we used the kind in a pouch but I am guessing any would work

Oreo cookies – small package is enough

Any brownie mix

You layer a 13×9 pan with the Chocolate Chip cookie mix, then add a layer of Oreo cookies and then pour in the brownie mix (tell me that does not sound amazing!).  That is pretty much it, you bake it according to the brownie mix (we added 5 minutes).  I did not eat any but I can tell you that the three other adults in my house ate about half the pan last night.

Did you know that there is Fruit Loop flavored vodka?  Neither did I before last night.  Seems kind of seedy, but it is tasty if you are an adult of age to consume alcohol.

After our delightfully fun night off from fitness and diet we are going to combine fun and fitness tonight!  At 6:00 PM we are meeting at a local pub to participate in the Brew Mile.  Here is how it works – $5 donation to a local charity, run one mile, get one beer or non-alcoholic (which I will have) beverage of your choice.  We are doing it as a family it will be fun to do a short run, hang out and have dinner and a beverage.  Unlike last nights activities I can count this as prep for my 5K this weekend.

“Live and work but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy it.” – Eileen Caddy

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