A few of my favorite things

Today I want to share a few of my favorite thing, things that make me feel good because of their humanity, because of their humor, or simply because they make me smile.

First, I live in an animal rescue home, meaning I have a daughter who works in animal rescue so we have a mishmash of animals.  Some rescued from the brink of death, some just so darn cute they were hard to resist.  Because we live the animal rescue life, I have a particular passion for rescue charities. One that is truly grassroots and does work that most will not is Stray Rescue of St. Louis; Randy Grim the founder of this rescue is one of my heroes.  Today I want to share the link for one of his success stories – http://www.strayrescue.org/DaddyLabToday – warning some of these pictures are hard to look at, but are the reality of rescue.

The second thing I want to share, my favorite funny Facebook page.  I am a nerd at heart, like sci-fi, tech stuff, and I am socially awkward.  So my favorite laughs on FB come from this page –Nerdgasm.  Things like this –


I also like The Onion – but it is a bit more controversial in its humor and everyone may not appreciate it as much as me.

Lastly, things that make me smile.  This is my new addiction, if I am not at work, not working out, not blogging, or doing other fun or necessary things in my life, I am here – http://www.humansofnewyork.com/.  It is absolutely fascinating and I have ordered the book so I can have my obsession with me everywhere.  Below is just one of the pictures from this fantastic site.

Tomorrow will be my 21st day!  I am ending with a 5:30 am boot camp, figured I might as well end on a high note. I hope I have not bored you all too much with my daily blogs, but it has been fun, challenging, but fun to share each day.

Until Tomorrow…

We are a strange little band of characters

This is a late post tonight and probably a short one.  Tonight I spent time with my family, some of that time was at the gym with my daughter and some of the time was chatting online.

I enjoy spending time with my family no matter how that happens, my love for them is very deep.  We are definitely a strange little band of characters all very different in our opinions, and when we have an opinion we have no problem expressing it!  I think that is one of the things I love the most, really we could go at it pretty hardily and then have dinner and laugh.

Cherish your family, they may drive you crazy, you may disagree with them, and at some point you will get mad at them, but remember your “roots remain the same”.

A short note on my gym visit, I did 30 intense minutes on the treadmill and was happy with my distance and how I felt afterwards.

Slutty Brownies and flavored vodka

Sometimes you just have to take the night off, last night was one of those nights.  Both of my adult (I clarify this because this post involves drinking) daughters were home visiting last night and they convinced me that we needed to get drunk and bake.

I need to describe to you what we baked, it is called a Slutty Brownie and it is why our activities for this upcoming evening will involve running before dinner.

I did not eat one of these brownies, I cannot have gluten, but just the look and smell of them was enough to make me kind of want to chance getting sick (I did not).  Here is what is in these  Slutty brownies –

Chocolate Chip cookie mix – we used the kind in a pouch but I am guessing any would work

Oreo cookies – small package is enough

Any brownie mix

You layer a 13×9 pan with the Chocolate Chip cookie mix, then add a layer of Oreo cookies and then pour in the brownie mix (tell me that does not sound amazing!).  That is pretty much it, you bake it according to the brownie mix (we added 5 minutes).  I did not eat any but I can tell you that the three other adults in my house ate about half the pan last night.

Did you know that there is Fruit Loop flavored vodka?  Neither did I before last night.  Seems kind of seedy, but it is tasty if you are an adult of age to consume alcohol.

After our delightfully fun night off from fitness and diet we are going to combine fun and fitness tonight!  At 6:00 PM we are meeting at a local pub to participate in the Brew Mile.  Here is how it works – $5 donation to a local charity, run one mile, get one beer or non-alcoholic (which I will have) beverage of your choice.  We are doing it as a family it will be fun to do a short run, hang out and have dinner and a beverage.  Unlike last nights activities I can count this as prep for my 5K this weekend.

“Live and work but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy it.” – Eileen Caddy

Laugh, and the world laughs with you

Music and humor, I am not sure I would survive getting fit without these two things.  Music feeds my energy and humor, well hell I do not think I could do anything without a little humor.

Picture this..I am running, doing what used to be my morning routine which was a brisk walk or run in the neighborhood carrying 1-2 pound hand weights.  One morning during this refreshing run I was moving along nicely when a small bug flew in my eye.  When a bug flies into or near your eye what is your reaction?  That is right you swat at it, but usually when you swat you are not carrying hand weights like I was that fine spring morning.  The bug flew at me I swatted and had a shiner for a week.

This incident happened about 15 years ago and yet it still acts as a funny story and a stark reminder that I am sure my resemblance to the bottom picture above is far more likely than the top one :).  I do not care though I have to be able to laugh at myself and all of the lighter things in life.  No matter how I look when I run as long as I am doing it and working towards my goals that is all that matters.

After more than a decade away from keeping fit it feels amazing to be moving again.  Five more days until my next 5K and I am so excited!

If you stay with me, in a week or two I will share the roller blade incident; a little more harrowing than the bug but nonetheless pretty funny.