Get ‘er done


I just want to say that titles like this happen when you have to blog every day because of commitment issues and you are not a writer.

But I did in fact “Get ‘er done” today.  Yesterday I came up with two scenarios on how I could get my workout in while traveling, today, I did not do either of these, but something even better happened.  I was able to sleep in a bit, travel to my destination, work, workout, and go to dinner and have a cocktail!  Sleeping in and a relaxing dinner, and my workout…winner!

My 8-Day streak is not broken; did 30-minutes on the tread and elliptical at the hotel.  I am looking forward to day-9 and some hill work,  We are staying at a hotel on a very high hill.  Tomorrow morning I am going out to work this hill for as long as I can stand, Thursday back home and back to boot camp.

Stay with me, until tomorrow…

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