One Word

I feel like I have boiled down everyone I know down to a one-word description. I am tired, and things are grating on me right now, so I do not want to be wordy. Example – I had some foster kittens recently, and one of them was adorable, but out of control, I just call her Extra. I have a manager that reports to me, she is inclined to take the opposite viewpoint of anything anyone says so, she is now just Contrary. I have a friend who is always thinking of others, she is Helper (as in Mr.Rogers look for the helpers), so you see it is not all bad. But one more, someone else I work with always seems to be one step behind, he is now Obtuse. I am done, it is late, and sometimes people suck. But not you all that is why I am sharing this here.

Why We Believe

1. Today my 28-year-old daughter had to verbally take down two men on Facebook that were making harsh comments about sexual assault victims. One of the men was 65 years old.

2. Today I called my 30-year-old daughter because she was going to a concert alone tonight and I had to ask her how she was getting there and how she was getting home. Because women cannot plan an outing alone without worrying what will happen to them. I was relieved that her husband is dropping her off and picking her up and is understanding enough to know that having this experience alone was important to her.

This is what is wrong, this is beyond a mom having to worry about a child’s safety. This is about worrying about a woman you know and love being victimized.

On Twitter the other day Danielle Muscato posed a simple question –
“What would you do if all men had a 9pm curfew?”
The answers were honest and straightforward, the most frequent response and the saddest was – “I would take a walk by myself.” You see, women cannot take a walk by themselves in the evening and be completely relaxed.

Other women said, “I would walk to my car with my keys in my purse and look for them when I got to the car, instead of having them clutched between my fingers as weapons.”

On particularly poignant answer was “I would go to a club and not worry about someone slipping something in my drink when I went to the bathroom.”

All of this right here is why we believe the victims. We know, we know what it is like to worry about your safety every time you are alone, every time you have an opinion, every time you want to live freely.