The Laundry Still Needs to Get Done


Day-6, the day reality set in on my adventurous quest to a better me.  I love the idea of getting in shape, the idea of being more committed, I really wish I could do it outside the confines of real life.  I did not think much about the everyday things like doing the dishes, sweeping the floors, and scooping the cat litter, but today was the day I had to really think about chores.  Yesterday was all about me in the morning and errands and grocery shopping in the afternoon, but today, housecleaning!

Got my 7-mile run in this morning, came home and my wonderful husband had made a delicious breakfast for me, I enjoyed that with a cup of coffee.  Started thinking, “What’s next?”, then…oh yeah, that would be laundry, cleaning the bathroom, more laundry, cleaning the floors, and so on and so on.

I know, I am just whining, this is stuff we all do, and those with greater commitment and energy than me do all of this and raise kids, and probably clean their house EVERY day.

Back to my run since that was the highlight of my day.  After five straight days of boot camp, running, and yoga, I was pretty happy with 7-miles today.  Certainly not my longest run but it is what was required for my 15K training; and it was a good run.  My pace was on point and I felt good after the run.  If I could have changed one thing, It would have been less humid, middle of October I should not be sweating before I start.

Day-7 more boot camp and hopefully a more exciting, or at least interesting post.

Until tomorrow…


Cleaning as therapy, oh and because company is coming

I have an old large house and too many animals to confess to this early in my blog and tomorrow night I have five family members coming to spend a few days; at least half of them are allergic to something in the air.  That and my house is always at its cleanest right before company is coming.  So tonight I cleaned.

I got home from work around 8:00 pm and realized that I had to clean my kitchen.  I was really not looking forward to it knowing that I had to clean from the ceiling to the floor, you know company and all.  I ate dinner got comfy, plugged in my headphones and rocked out to two and a half hours of blissful cleaning therapy.

I will tell you and those who know me will tell you, cleaning is NOT a normal course of therapy for me, I am much more likely to go shopping or take a nap when stressed than I am to scrub a toilet.  But in this journey “from here to me” I am striving to find new ways to live, ways that are more constructive, more active and more fulfilling than sitting around and worrying too much.  I looked at the cleaning tonight as my exercise for the day, I knew getting out of work so late and with so much work to do that I would not get to the gym, so stretching and bending and scrubbing in my kitchen did the trick.

My house smells pleasant and my kitchen is shiny!  If anyone so much as makes a piece of toast (especially toast with the toaster crumbs and all) before our family gets here it will get ugly.

“Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.”  – Dr. Seuss