Cheaters never win, and…


I found out today that someone I have run with in the past has cheated in several races.  It really disturbs me that someone would do this.

My journey to get healthy through running, exercise, and better eating has been pock-marked with successes and failures, I could never imagine cheating myself out of this journey.  I think the thing that bothers me the most is this person, much like me, does not look like your “typical” runner.  When you struggle with your own demons and add in what others think of you it can be hard to keep going sometimes.  To have someone soil that with cheating is distressing.

I know this person does not represent me, yet I cannot stop being angry about it; the cheating was deep too, over at least three races.  Just to get people to think you are running and to get medals!?  If someone puts a medal around my neck you better believe I earned it!  Earned it with every painstaking mile, squat, and push-up.

Do not cheat yourself out of your accomplishments.  The way you live your life is up to you and you should not be ashamed of who you are.  If you do not want to run, don’t; if you want to eat fast food, eat it; if you want to smoke, then smoke.  But do not pretend to be something you are not.

There are too many people in this world who cannot do the things that I am able to do; people who are ill, or depressed, or otherwise unable.  To soil you ability with cheating is just wrong.

I had to get this out here so I can stop thinking about it and move on; thanks for reading my rant.



I have felt this way before and I am sure I will again, the feeling that getting out there, even if it does not go well, is better than not going at all.

I went out for my run this morning, I was about a mile in and had to call it quits and go home.  My lower back was screaming at me, and then on my way home, I well, got a little sick, to put it lightly.  I have had runs that were not great, this is the first time I really let pain and nausea stop me in my tracks.  Considering that I have been tired, nauseated, and stuffy the rest of the day, it was probably for the best.

I will be going to boot camp tomorrow, not going to let one bad day stop me.  Today though I rested most of the day and did some stretches for my back.

I do not have much else today, doing a little wallowing in my decision to stop this morning.  Just going to remind myself that tomorrow morning after boot camp I will once again feel like a bad ass!


Until tomorrow…

The Fitness Track is Rickety and my Train Keeps Derailing


In spite of successfully motivating myself to run the 10K this weekend, I am feeling like I cannot get back on track with the training I was doing before my half marathon.

The two races I have run since the Princess Half have both produced slower finish times than races of the same length that I ran last fall; when I was newer to this running thing than I am now.  That has to do with the fact that I have not been training well or eating right.  So, I have decided to affirm here today that I will clean up the wreckage from the derailment and get back on track!

I promised myself a year ago that I would go into 50 Fit and Fabulous; I am now in the one year countdown to that number so I cannot lose that dream now :).

Getting motivated to get started and dieting seem to be my biggest challenges.  I have dietary restrictions due to allergies so I tend to eat healthier foods, but my intake lately has been too high.

As far as motivation to get started, I am not sure why it is a problem.  Running has never let me down for what it can do for me mentally and physically, not sure why I do not jump up to do it every chance I get.  Every race I have participated in has left me feeling better than when I started.   Yet some mornings I just cannot get myself to go out there to train.

So today I say this as my affirmation of my ability and desire –

“I set goals and follow them. I set my sights, take the appropriate actions and achieve my goals.”

That felt good!  To confess and to affirm; thank you for reading!

Pushing through setbacks and disappointments

As someone who has been over weight and a smoker for most of my life I am the first to say that I have not always dealt with stress and disappointments in ways that are constructive or particularly helpful.

Over the past several months I have been making great strides in my personal and professional life, things have been going very well.  Although it has not always been easy getting in shape, not smoking and working way too many hours in a week, it has certainly been satisfying to see the results.

This past week I have found myself needing more to push through some recent setbacks and then today I suffered what in my mind right now is a great disappointment.  The good news is that in the past by now I would be sitting in my bed with a cigarette in my hand and perhaps a chocolate shake in the other; tonight I am sitting in my bed but only because it is close to my laundry room and I can type this, watch Shark Week and do laundry at the same time, I have NO cigarette and had a lettuce wrap for dinner.

This past week my physical routine has been right on point, I had some great runs last week and this weekend I went to yoga and put in a total of about eight miles in walking and running.  My setbacks were in food choices; last week and this weekend I definitely did not make the best food choices.  I did not gain any weight because I kept moving still I need to get back on track.

As far as disappointment, and this one nearly knocked me back to some pretty bad habits, I was informed today that I did not get a promotion that I was pursuing (that was hard to type I am feeling a little light-headed at sharing that).  The bright side of this, I still have a great job that I enjoy and I have amazing coworkers and consider myself in great company with these folks :).

Lesson for today – Remember what you have and how far you have come.  Do not look back or give up; keep moving forward.