10 things I learned over the past 21-days


Well, today is my 21st day.  I ended it at boot camp, which is appropriate since it is this boot camp that inspired me to try this in the first place.  Also, today’s class instructor was The Vince, see my post from my second day to learn about The Vince.

It was an exciting challenge; some days were harder than others, but every day was worth it.  Here are some things I learned over the past 21-days –

1.  Your body is an amazing machine; it will keep going if your brain tells it to keep going.  I am now a firm believer that the brain is the most important muscle in your body.  Never say never!

2.  There are an infinite number of ways to do a push up.

3.  There are an equally infinite number of types of squats.  And according to Vince he has several creative ways to do Burpees, I do not ever want to learn all of these.

4.  What you are putting into your body is important,  if you are going to work hard to get fit, you also need to change your diet.

5.  Support from family and friends is important, and any time you can get them involved it is also fun.

6.  Age is just a number.  Our classes at the gym range from folks in their 20s to folks my age and older; and certainly at races I am smoked by several folks in more advanced age groups than mine.

7.  Every time I had a new pain in my body, I found a new way to overcome it.

8.  Stretching is important.

9.  Physical exercise leads to better mental health, or at least takes so much effort that the small stuff seems less important.  In other words “Don’t sweat the small stuff”, sweat OUT the small stuff.

10.  I am important, you are important, we all matter, whether you know it or not someone is looking up to you.  You are inspiring someone and may not even know it.  I have met people over the past three weeks that inspired me to keep going, I will remember and be thankful to those people for the rest of my life.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!  My journey “from here to me” is not over, it is just beginning, this bridge to better habits has been fun and full of learning and today I am going to start to plan my next challenge, 21-days of eating better.

As for tomorrow, I am taking a vacation day!  I am going on my morning run and then I am going to come home, shower, and take a nap.

So today I will not say until tomorrow, I will say Until Next Time…


I Can’t do That

Move it move it meme

Day-5 of my quest and my 4th visit to my fitness boot camp.  The Vince was not the instructor today but Trenton was definitely as effective!  Today our BC was 60-minutes, 47 different moves of 60-seconds each.  The warm up moves, relatively easy, everything after that, all I could think was, “I can’t do that”.  But Trenton assured me that I could and in most cases I was able to do it for at least 10-seconds or so.

I think that is what I really love about the boot camp experience, it is like a personal trainer but less expensive; and with other people around you work harder so you do not look like a schlep.  When at the end of the hour my legs are so shaky that I have to wait so I can drive safely, that is a good workout!

I do not work for this boot camp and they are not paying me but I have to give a shout out to Body Evolution in Louisville, KY for being awesome.  The owner Walt is a nice guy and he must treat his staff well as they are equally kind and very good at their job.  Infomercial over.

As Day-5 is winding down, I am a little sore but satisfied with my progress so far and looking forward to my run tomorrow; 7-miles to prep for my 15K in a few weeks.

I want to thank my family for being supportive during this process. Love you!

Until Tomorrow…