That is right, it has been 11-days straight I am not beyond using an old school acronym and a cute kitten to fill my blog.  But, I still held up my end of this deal; I am here to share my words with you and I got down with the Beginners’ Yoga video today.

Beginners’ yoga by the way, is not necessarily easy, but it did feel good and it met my exercise requirement for the day.  I may even do it on days with other exercises, I know, crazy right!?

Tomorrow morning boot camp.  For tonight a continuation of Scary movie every weekend in October with Cujo!

Stay with me, I may not have anything exciting today, but you never know what life will bring.

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” ― Dalai Lama XIV

Until Tomorrow…

Thanks! I needed that.


Boot camp was awesome this morning!  Our instructor had some tough workouts planned and he definitely kept the class going, and kept us challenged.

What was so awesome about it is that I could feel the difference in myself and what I was able to do and what I was able to push myself to do, it is honestly my first experience with that in boot camp.  The way it generally works is that the class is given a series of moves/segments to do, it could be upper body, cardio, power cardio, lower body, etc.  The class is 60-minutes and it is an hour of working hard.  My first few classes I would do all of the required moves but maybe not for the whole count, or I would modify something I thought I could not do, push ups for example or even jumping jacks, or God forbid Burpees!

Today I made myself do several of these moves longer and harder than before.  I did not stop myself when I felt like I was too challenged or it would be too hard.  At the end it was an amazing feeling!  I still have a long way to go, but knowing that I am actually progressing was a great feeling, makes me want more :).

Tomorrow is an easy day, some beginner yoga at home (secretly hoping beginner yoga means lying on the floor and stretching).


Until tomorrow…

The hardest part so far


I am on DAY-4 of my 21-day quest to blog, exercise, and eat right every day.  The hardest part so far, blogging every day.  I am not as verbose, or probably should say I am not as interesting, as I thought I was going to be.

That being said, I can still tell you about my day and that so far, so good.  I did about 15-minutes of yoga this morning at home, I am eating more fruits and veges, and good cards, etc to stay full and healthy, and I am here to blog.  I am happy to say my commitment is still intact.  This is beginning to feel a lot like my first Half Marathon, like “am I done yet?”, no, you are only a third of the way through.  I am hoping this will continue to feel like that experience because when I was towards the end of the half it was easier than the beginning.

Oh.  About the yoga.  I had purchased a Yoga and Sculpting DVD months ago at a book store because it was on sale for $2.99, that is what I used this morning.  Yoga AND sculpting, is hard, so tonight I went back to that same store and purchased a “Yoga for Beginners” for $5, I am sure it will be worth the extra money.

Tomorrow morning, 8am, 4th session of boot camp, again with The Vince.  I am excited, I am nervous, and I am sore just thinking about it.

Until tomorrow…

Day 3 – for lack of a more clever title


Is it too early for this quote?  It is not really LONG after I said I would do it, but it has been three days.

Actually it has been a good three days; still upright, have not really gotten mad at anyone, and I am here typing my blog.  I did not commit to a word count, so this may be short.

Got up this morning at 6 am and was excited for my run.  Well sort of, I had just finished boot camp 12 hours earlier, so excited is probably the wrong word.  But I did run, it was slow and easy, it felt good and surprisingly I am not very sore today from last night’s hellacious squat fest, aka – boot camp with The Vince.

The eating so far has been the toughest part, I have to get better at planning meals.  I am not eating junk or even eating a lot, I just feel like I do not know how to eat to keep myself full.  I am thinking about a nutritionist to help with this.  One of my problems is that I have a sort of addiction to Mexican restaurants, I really like Mexican food, and margaritas.  I will starve myself for the day if it means a good enchilada and some tequila; I have to satisfy this craving at least once a week or I get really cranky.


Tonight Mexican, tomorrow morning yoga.

Three down 18 to go.


21 Days huh?


So I think my inconsistent blogging, my inconsistent exercise, and my inconsistent weight loss would indicate I have some sort of commitment issue, and the saying is that it takes 21 days to form a habit, I am on a 21-day quest.

For the next 21-days I will exercise every day, blog every day, and track my eating every day; sort of a Mythbusters that will hopefully get my ass in gear.

So, today’s blog, “What the heck have I been doing with myself?”

Well, in the past two and a half months I have run a half marathon, joined a boot camp, resigned from my job (commitment issues), then changed my mind and stayed at my job, gained weight, lost weight, gained weight again, did a little traveling, and picked up a taste for Riesling wine.

I have scheduled out six days a week for myself, just have to figure out something to do on the seventh day, and considering my commitment issues and inability to form a solid habit, that thing will have to be somewhat easy, or I will just stop.  I have scheduled Friday as the one day I do not have a committed BC or run, so I am thinking 30-minutes of yoga at home in the AM, relaxing and energizing and I do not have to get dressed to do it…that should work.


Well, wish me luck, see you back here tomorrow.  Good lord, what am I going to talk about for 21-days straight!?

Yoga and the outdoors

As I did in my blog yesterday I am going to refer to my first post that I wrote a few days ago.  I mentioned in that writing that as of January of this year I weighed over 200 lbs and was a 31 year smoker, today I am 170 lbs (and counting) and have not had a cigarette for 154 days!

My blog is really about a journey as I discover new things along the way to Me.  Well today I went to my first yoga class.  Even though I have taken up a healthier lifestyle and added lots of exercise to my life, until now I have avoided Yoga like it was a disease.  It just seemed too still for me and also I struggle with my core and flexibility, so basically I was chicken.

Silly me, I really enjoyed the class today and felt wonderful afterwards and will be back in the next class on Wednesday. I realized that not everyone who does yoga can stand in a tree pose for several minutes without losing balance so I had nothing to be embarrassed about.

My other discovery today; I really enjoy running outside!  I have committed myself to running, well now it is more walking/running but I do enjoy it and will get better, faster, stronger.  Until today I have done most of my running indoors.  I find I need to see my progress to know how far I have gone, speed, etc. so I have become addicted to treadmill running or running at the YMCA indoor track.

Today, the weather was gorgeous and I felt so great after yoga that I took my motivated butt down to the river to run.  Guess what!?  Five miles feel a heck of a lot shorter when you have the river and trees and people to view.  Although I do not have any type of tracking device like a running GPS or pedometer the river loop in our city does have mile markers and I do have a watch so I did not feel like I could not measure my progress.  I had done 2.5 miles before I even realized how far I had gone turned around at that point and headed back completing a Five mile loop.  It was wonderful!

One last note – If you take up outdoor running, use sunscreen 🙂